The original LP12 was sold with a base of masonite and simple, yet effective rubber feet on each corner. Over the decades Linn has issued upgraded base plates. The most effective baseplates are often from third-party manufacturers featuring rigid milled alloy constructions with the option to fit threaded feet or spikes to level the turntable.

LP12 Base

Some clever-thinking designers have changed the base to have access areas to level the suspension, three holes, as well as a hole to access the tonearm. This avoids having to remove the base each time you need to access these parts. In addition, and we say this to warn anyone who could fall prey to this, removing the base exposes the older Valhalla board, and even when switched off, touching it could be lethal, unless it has been allowed sufficient time to discharge.

Pictured below is the Starmap, a base plate designed by Dewald Visser, along with a new top plate and sub-chassis.

LP12 Suspension: DewaudioStarmap and Starlink

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