The cartridge is usually up to the taste and the budget of the owner. Linn themselves make a variety of cartridges that are perfectly suited for Linn tonearms but a vast array of third party cartridges can be mounted and used with great success.

Mounting a cartridge is a delicate process carrying the risk of totally destroying the cartridge should your hands slip. It is best left for someone with good eyesight and steady hands to perform.

Anyone adept at performing this service will have a stylus force gauge and a protractor to ensure the cartridge is perfectly aligned. In addition, the cartridge height and tracking angle (VTA) must be set. Linn arms allow height adjustment at the collar, without the need for additional spacers.

Benz Micro Gliuder SL

The choice of a cartridge is as much diven by personal preference as it is by budget. The Benz Micro Glier SL MC pictured above is one of my alltime favourites.